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How I make up to $360 per hour on Loanables

I’m a very busy person, so any time I’m asked to do something that isn’t strictly classified as “fun”, I look at the time-value of the activity to see if it’s worth my time – literally. I’ve found renting stuff out on Loanables to be one of the most profitable things I can do, given the amount of time it takes.Cash Flow Game Board

For example, I often rent out my Cash Flow board game, which is great for teaching people financial responsibility. It typically rents for at least 1 week, which fetches me $12. It takes about 5 minutes of my time each time someone rents it. $12 in 5 minutes equates to $144 per hour.

Other popular items of mine are my pop-up canopy and my live animal trap.  Each of these usually nets me $20-$30 per rental, for a 5 minute investment. That nets out to $240-$360 per hour!

I find that most items that I rent fetch me around $120 – $180 for each hour of my time. That’s not a bad hourly rate, and certainly worth a few minutes of time. Plus I get the added benefits of meeting some great neighbors and feeling good about helping them AND the environment.

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Ryan is the founder of Loanables and has 20 years experience in the tech start-up world. He is an active member of the Loanables community. His most popular items include a pop-up canopy and a live animal trap.

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