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The Best Decision I Made When Taking Kids to D.C.

Last week, my kids and I tagged along on my husband’s
business trip to Washington, D.C. We’ve never done that before, but I couldn’t
pass up the opportunity for a free hotel room while sight-seeing in our nation’s
capital! Before we went, I searched blogs & websites for ideas on how to
spend our time and asked my BFF’s (okay, Facebook) what would be at the top of
their list for 5 & 7 year-old kids. The consensus was clear: Air &
Space Museum, Natural History Museum and the National Zoo. And, of course, the monuments and memorials all along the National Mall was a must.
When I studied the map of our hotel location and the
National Mall, I realized we were going to do quite a bit of walking to
accomplish all of these stops. Anyone with young children knows the torturous whining and complaining that would certainly ensue on mile-long walks between
museums and monuments, so I went on the hunt for other means of transportation.
My kids had learned to ride bikes just in the last month, so naturally, I went
to to search for bikes to rent. And you know what I found? Bikes in Austin, bikes in Knoxville, TN, folding bikes in North Port, FL, bikes in Chicago, an awesome Tandem bike in Delaware, OH, bikes in California, but how many bikes in
Washington, D.C.? None! Not a single bike for rent in Washington, D.C. So, I was
forced to hit Google and found Bike & Roll D.C. which was located just
about half a mile off the National Mall and had bikes for kids & adults
that included helmets and locks. Perfect!
We arrived and were fitted for bikes & helmets, given instructions about where to lock them up and were sent on our way! We rode up and down the
National Mall, from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol; back to the Museum of
Natural History and to the White House; to the Air & Space Museum and to
the Museum of American History. We rode and rode and rode and rode. And you
know what? Not a single complaint of being tired or hot or hungry. They LOVED
it! The time spent riding in between sights was equally as enjoyable as the sights themselves.
A beautiful, picturesque way to spend our time together.
Now, when we dropped the bikes off and had to hike almost 2
miles back to our hotel…those were the worst 2 miles of our entire trip. The
whining was incessant. We must have stopped 14 times to rest. And that would
have been the ENTIRE trip had we not rented those bikes. So, the best decision
I made while on this trip…renting bikes! I do wish I could have rented the
bikes and gear from an individual because the pricing from individuals on Loanables looks a lot better than what I paid. So if you know someone who lives in D.C. please ask them to list their stuff
on Loanables!

And the next time you travel, especially with kids, check
out what you can rent for fun & entertainment, as well as transportation to
enjoy the journey even more! 
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