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Candace is a 3x Start-up Founder and Certified Event Rental Professional (CERP). She geeks out on brainstorming bold ideas and then actually brings some of them to life. She is currently the CEO of Loanables, where her mission is to reduce overconsumption by making it as easy to rent as it is to buy.

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3 Ways to Celebrate 4th of July

How do celebrate the 4th of July: play baseball, eat a hot dog and pop some fireworks. You’re done.

But what if you live somewhere like Austin where it is too hot to be outside playing baseball in the middle of the day? Or what if you are a vegan? Or what if you live in the city that doesn’t allow fireworks of if there is a burn ban because it’s so dry. Well, here are some ideas for high-maintenance American 😉

1. DIY Slip N Slide

I’m NOT crafty by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m pretty sure I could pull this off. Big tarp or thick trash bags, dish soap, a water hose and voila – you have a fun-filled afternoon.

Ice Cream Party

2. Vegan Ice Cream Party

Check out these Vegan Ice Cream recipes (it says they are better than the real thing!) Want to make a big batch for a party, rent an ice cream maker.  And if you aren’t vegan, here are 13 delicious recipes (including s’mores)!

Photo by Jim Harmer

3. Get Creative with Sparklers

So, you can’t pop fireworks, but sparklers usually steal the show anyway.  Here are some creative sparker photography tips.

However you choose to celebrate, I hope you have fun.

Can you buy Happiness?

father's day

Are the best things in life free? It’s hard to believe they are when we are constantly inundated with marketing taunting all the latest and greatest things available to buy. I know from personal experience, I may not think I “need” anything, but the moment I step foot into a mall, I start wanting a lot. And, I have to admit there is a bit of high that comes right when you make a purchase. This got me thinking…what does the science say?

Two professors from Cornell University and The University of Colorado at Boulder published this study: To Do or To Have?  That is the Question.  It’s a fascinating study (if you are a nerd like me and like to read that sort of thing).  The gist: investing in life experiences makes people happier; material purchases do not.

Since Father’s Day is next weekend, it got me thinking about doing stuff with my father instead of buying him something.  I only remember one gift I’ve given my dad on Father’s day (and I’m 40).  When I first moved to Austin 17 years ago, I got us rowing lessons at the Texas Rowing Center.  We both loved it and still talk about going back.

This year, my father and my husband will get experiences.  Here’s what’s on my list:

  1. Go play golf.  Even for someone that has never played, it’s fun to try something new.  You can rent golf clubs for only $25!
  2. Go Camping.camping
  3. Have a Game Night.  My husband loves poker so that will be our theme.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there.  I hope you have an awesome experience this year!



TGIF: Planning a trip?

I love summer vacations!   I don’t love buying a bunch of stuff just to take a vacation!  You can rent what you need so you don’t have to store it the rest of the year:

Thule Large Car Top Box Carrier

large car top carrier

Car Seat Travel Bag

Car seat travel bag

Lockable Luggage Box

Cargo box

Beach Tent

Beach tent



Do you have any of these things other people can use?  Here are more travel items that people want to rent:

  1. GoPro
  2. Canoe
  3. Scout for carrying a Bob Stroller
  4. Dog Crate
  5. Generator

Why we do what we do:

The U.S.A. makes up 5% of the world’s population but uses 25% of the natural resources and creates 50% of the solid waste. (Worldwatch Institute)

At Loanables, we believe that people over-consume because there is not a good alternative to buying.  Our mission is to make it as easy to rent as it is to buy.  We are focused on giving consumers access to the things they want without ownership.

Top 5 Things People Search that We Don’t Have (or don’t have enough of)

I bet you have things sitting in your closet or garage that others want to use.  If we can start sharing, we don’t have to buy so much stuff, which means we will reduce our carbon footprint!

Here are the most common items people want to rent but there is little to no inventory:

  1. Dog crate
  2. Riding Lawn Mower
  3. GoPro camera
  4. Sewing Machine
  5. Treadmill

If you have these things and want to make some money, please list them.

Why we do what we do:

The U.S.A. makes up 5% of the world’s population but uses 25% of the natural resources and creates 50% of the solid waste. (Worldwatch Institute)

At Loanables, we believe that people over-consume because there is not a good alternative to buying.  Our mission is to make it as easy to rent as it is to buy.  We are focused on giving consumers access to the things they want without ownership.

Reduce overconsumption


3 Things Men do Better than Women

Toot Horn

1. Toot their Own Horn. The National Women’s Business Council reports that  “Female entrepreneurs start companies with 50% less capital than male entrepreneurs.”  I am actually living this reality right now with Loanables, but I must also admit I haven’t actually asked anyone to invest yet. Many women downplay their accomplishments; whereas most men see it more like Muhammad Ali who said “It’s not bragging if you can back it up.”

Mom and son

2.  Feel good about their parenting.  A study in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior found that women actually felt 30 percent more guilty and distressed than their male partners when they had to mix work and home responsibilities. There is even a name for what women have; it’s called “mom guilt”. I saw this fantastic illustration once that had a dad snuggling his child. The dad had one thought bubble that said “I’m an awesome dad”.  Next to it was a picture of a mom snuggling the child. She had about 50 thought bubbles ranging from “I shouldn’t have yelled” to “I need to make sure they are eating healthier” to “I need to play with them more” and on and on. (If anyone knows where I can find this illustration, please tell me. I’ve looked everywhere to no avail.)  


3.  Say no and don’t give it another thought. I have absolutely no scientific proof to back this one up, but seriously, I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with female friends about needing to say no to things. I have never once had this conversation with a man. Men if you have this problem, please speak up and correct me here. Ladies, if you want to work on this too, read this to learn the art of saying no. 

So, next time you see me and I ask you for money, tell you what a great mom I am, or answer “no” to anything you ask me to do, just know I’m working on it 😉

Loanables Introduces All In Bundles

Ultimate Office Party

Introducing…All In Bundles.  These bundles contain everything you need for a unique experience.  Check these out:

Ultimate Office Party

Rent Beer Pong

Retro Birthday Picnic

Shrimp Boil

Outdoor Movie Night

Inflatable Movie Screen

Sleepover with Grandparents

Grandparent Weekend

Sous Vide Cooking

Sous Vide Cooker


Ice Cream Party

Ice Cream Party

Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party

Memorial Day Party

Backyard BBQ

Have ideas for more bundles, email  We will even design a custom bundle that fits your needs!

Individual users can create bundles, too.  If you have the stuff for an awesome experience, help us stop over-consumption!  We can save the environment one rental at a time.


TGIF – Weekly Wrap Up

Sous Vide Rental

If you have these things, please list them on

These are things people searched for this week that we don’t have on the site (or don’t have enough of):

  • Kids sporting goods – tball, soccer, football gear.
  • Industrial Clothes Iron
  • Legos
  • Concrete saw
  • Record Player

So many cool items were posted this week.  Here are just a few:

Event Space

Sous Vide Rental

Toy Rental


If you are looking for something on our site and can’t find it, email me.  We can usually find what you want within 24 hours!

Please comment and let me know what you’d like to know more about!  

Happy Friday,


How to Make Money From Home Without Working

I made almost $300 last month renting out stuff that has been sitting in my garage. All I had to do was get it out: it took less than 10 minutes total. That is equivalent to almost $1800 per hour!

Here’s what I rented:

Crawfish Boil Event Package – $40 each time x 5 times = $200
Turkey Fryer – $20
Camping Gear – $25 x 2 times = $50
12×12 Pop Up Tents – $10 each x 2 times = $20

It didn’t take much time; it was a good deal for the people that rented it; and, it’s great for the environment (we are sharing resources instead of over-consuming!)

The best part…

My kids want to rent their stuff out now. This is such a great way to teach kids about business. My son is going to rent out his nerf guns and use the money to buy more (the “buy more” part wasn’t what I was aiming for, but I think it’s still a valuable lesson). My daughter is “thinking about” renting out her baby dolls, but she’d rather just have friends over to play with them (it’s a process).

My husband, who was adamantly opposed to renting out any of his tools has now listed most of them. He was hooked after I sent him outside on 3 different occasions to get $40 out from under a potted plant.

Start ups are hard!

But, when you see your family excited to participate in what you’ve created, it’s all the fuel you need to keep going. I feel good teaching my kids about business and protecting the environment all while setting an example by following my dream. (Thanks for reading. I mostly wrote that last sentence so I can refer back to it for motivation on the really hard days when I feel like quitting) 😉

I made $230 for about 10 minutes of work from home!

I’m from Louisiana, and my husband from Indiana makes the best crawfish I have ever had.  That’s why I married him!  I mean really how can a farm boy from Indiana know how to boil crawfish better than the cajuns I grew up with?!?  He’s paradoxical, and I love him. But I’m not writing a love story…

So naturally we own a crawfish boil set up (huge pot with strainer, gas burner, big ice chest, etc,). It all sits in our garage 364 days per year unused.  I decided to post it and a few other things on Loanables.

Go to Rental Page

Last month, I rented it out 3 times!  I’ve already rented it more than that this month, too, but that’s not included in my $230!  (April is actually more but I’ll save that for another post).  Here’s what I rented out in March:

Crawfish boil stuff at 40/night. I rented it twice for 2 nights, and once for one night  = $200
Table at $10
2 pop up canopies/tents at $20. 

The day of, I texted the person renting and said it’d be outside my garage. They could leave money under my doormat (until someone pointed out I don’t have one), via PayPal, Venmo or the Square Cash. They sent money, picked it up and dropped it off. I never even saw them, though I did enjoy the occasional picture/video of them using it.  It made me feel good, plus I got money for something that has literally been sitting in my garage for over 10 years doing nothing but collecting dust. 

If you have a set-up that someone can pick up and easily have a party, it will rent frequently. Comment or email me if you want help!  

I’m on a rental high,


A Plea to Pinterest Moms

After my second child was born, I bought a sewing machine and took 3 lessons.  I sucked, and I didn’t enjoy it enough to focus and try to get better.

For my son’s 3rd birthday party and my daughter’s 1st birthday party, I threw lavish birthday parties. Again, I sucked at it, and it stressed me out.  Now they get a cake and a pinata and we call it a day.

For Easter one year, I went and got all the stuff for a craft day with the kids.  We were going to make and decorate an egg-shaped pinata.  I got all the step-by-step directions from a super-cute blog ironically named Oh Happy Day.  I can follow directions so shouldn’t be any problems, right?!  Well, you use a balloon as the form for the egg.  Ours blew up about half way through the project, giving my daughter PTSD and requiring us to repaint the ceiling in our kitchen (that flour mix does NOT come off).  

And then there was Christmas.. I  attempted to make a gingerbread house out of graham crackers this time from a blog lovingly named Happiness is Homemade.  By the time my kids were 2 and 4, I came to terms that I am NOT a Pinterest Mom.  Better than that: I’m ok with it. We all have our strengths; being crafty is not mine.

However, my kids go to these amazing parties, and they say, “can we do that at my next birthday?”  And, my response?  “No. because it makes mean mommy come out.”  I went to an awesome party Sunday, and it got me thinking…why don’t all you crafty, Pinterest moms put up the supplies and decorations for the rest of us to rent on!?  

You could recoup some of the cost of your party, and do a good deed by helping a mom like me look like the super-mom I am not.  It could be a party in a box.  I’ll even create a category on Loanables just for these packages.  What do you say?!?


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