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How Many Drinks Does a Margarita Machine Make?

Margaritas and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly. We’ve rented out so many margarita machines this summer, and I get many of the same questions over and over so I decided to create this FAQ page. How many drinks does a margarita machine make? Most standard machines make 5 gallons (640 ounces). A… Continue Reading How Many Drinks Does a Margarita Machine Make?

Party Host Helpers

About a year ago, I threw a 5th birthday party for my daughter. While I “think” it turned out great – homemade aprons, spoons, cookie decorating, piñata, snacks, etc., I can’t really remember much of it at all and I have absolutely no pictures to look back on. I was simply too busy trying to… Continue Reading Party Host Helpers

Top Games for Your Next Event

Like many Texans, my parents shipped me off to camp every summer when I was a kid. For years, I spent my summer days in 50-year-old cabins on stilts above Lake LBJ. Evening activities ranged from dances to fishing night, and somewhere in the middle were my favorite and most memorable nights, the “county fair”… Continue Reading Top Games for Your Next Event

Entertaining Corporate Clients in Austin

While we love Austin, my husband is British and essentially can’t tolerate the Texas summers. So, on the first of June each year, our family heads to the beaches of California for 3 months to escape the Texas heat. It’s a luxury and a necessity in our lives and although I can’t imagine life any… Continue Reading Entertaining Corporate Clients in Austin


Party and event trends today change faster than the blink of an eye. We are always seeing new and popular themes, decorations, and aesthetics which might be based on the newest Disney movie, decorating trend, or even historical or political event. Some themes go beyond the realm of our imaginations – the sky is really… Continue Reading Concessions

Throwing a Fantastic 4th of July Party

Holidays give us a chance to get together with friends and families, eat, tell stories, create memories, and celebrate! One of my favorite holidays is the 4th of July – it is fairly low key with kids out of school, the lazy days of summer, and often the entertainment provided by means of your local… Continue Reading Throwing a Fantastic 4th of July Party

5 Event Trends in 2018

Anyone in the event world knows that events, like everything else, are a sign of the times. Current values on Unique Venues, Going Local, Creating Memories, Going Green, and Technology are here and are taking the event world by storm. Halfway through 2018, we are seeing these 5 trends emerge and everyone should take note… Continue Reading 5 Event Trends in 2018

3 Things Every Summer Event in Austin Should Have

As much as I love Austin, I hate the summer heat. My dream is to leave for the 3 hottest months every year (July, August and September). I’m a little worried this year because we don’t usually get over 100 degrees until July, but this year we got there in May. Since I’m here, I… Continue Reading 3 Things Every Summer Event in Austin Should Have

3 Steps to the Best Photobooth Experience in Austin

  Photobooths have become almost standard entertainment at today’s events in Austin. They can be found at school parties, fundraisers, weddings and many corporate events. Want to be sure that your photobooth is a hit with your guests and that they leave with something they will keep? Here are 3 steps to creating the best… Continue Reading 3 Steps to the Best Photobooth Experience in Austin

Party Theme Idea: Camping

Camping? Every year, my kids’ preschool hosts a Family Day where families are invited to come and view their children’s artwork, enjoy time with other families, meet new families to the school community, have lunch, and enjoy some sort of entertainment. The event is always centered around a theme and is one of the favorite… Continue Reading Party Theme Idea: Camping

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