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How do you Decorate for the Holidays?

My husband and I have had this ongoing argument for all 14 years of our marriage. How will we decorate for the Holidays? He doesn’t want to climb into the attic to bring down my treasured nativity set or mantle decorations, and he definitely won’t get up on the roof to put up lights. This… Continue Reading How do you Decorate for the Holidays?

How to Throw an Old Fashioned/”Retro” Birthday Party

Recently, I have seen a lot of people throwing “Retro” Birthday parties. ┬áBeing an arbitrary term, “Retro” can be something referring to a party in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s ,or 90’s…it just depends on the age of the person having the birthday (or in some cases, the age of their parents). ┬áThe one thing… Continue Reading How to Throw an Old Fashioned/”Retro” Birthday Party

Perfect Weekend in Austin

Planning a visit to Austin or are you a local looking for a fun staycation downtown? Either way, we have the perfect weekend all ready for you-compiled from the Loanables.com team’s favorite places to stay, foods to eat, and things to do in town. Where to stay There are a plethora of high end hotels… Continue Reading Perfect Weekend in Austin

Can you buy Happiness?

father's day

Are the best things in life free? It’s hard to believe they are when we are constantly inundated with marketing taunting all the latest and greatest things available to buy. I know from personal experience, I may not think I “need” anything, but the moment I step foot into a mall, I start wanting a… Continue Reading Can you buy Happiness?