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Sleepover with Grandparents in Austin

Grandparent Weekend

Keeping your grandkids? For $60 (3 day rental), you can RENT everything you need, including a book of fun things to do in Austin!

Taking care of kids is easier when you have a place for them to sleep, places to go, and toys to entertain.

The bundle includes:

  1. Pack N Play for Sleeping OR a Nintendo DS with games
  2. Bob Stroller (Single or Double)
  3. Car Seat or Booster
  4. Box of Age Appropriate Toys
  5. Book: Exploring Austin with Kids

Rent it

Want to add more fun?

Add Electric Car, Bike or Scooter:

Kid Car for Rent Tricycle for Rent Scooter for Rent

It would cost you $615 to buy the items included in this bundle

plus you’d have to figure out where to store them! And the best part…when you rent instead of buy, you get access to the things you want without consuming more of the Earth’s resources.


Rent it

If this isn’t exactly what you want, visit to search other options or email to design a custom bundle that fits your needs!

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