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Party Theme Idea: Camping

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Every year, my kids’ preschool hosts a Family Day where families are invited to come and view their children’s artwork, enjoy time with other families, meet new families to the school community, have lunch, and enjoy some sort of entertainment. The event is always centered around a theme and is one of the favorite days of the year.

This year, I was asked to chair the event and when asked what the theme should be, I answered, “Camping”. I hadn’t actually given it much thought and I think the theme took everyone by surprise. Themes in the past have been Fiesta; Peace, Love, and Happiness; Circus; … things that had been tested and proven to be really cute and really fun. Camping was clearly a new one. And, I am so glad we chose it.

How we did it…

Honestly, we probably could have just set up some tents and let the kids play in them, because what kid doesn’t like to play in a tent? Instead, the Family Day Committee came up with some great ideas. If I ever decide to hold another camping theme party, I am simply going to repeat what we did for Family Day and it will be a blast.

Hot Dog Truck


When I think of camping, I think of grilling hot dogs, hamburgers, and marshmallows for s’mores. With that in mind, we went to work looking for cute ways to make that happen using food trucks (our Family Day staple as we also use these to block off the preschool parking lot where we hold the party). After looking near and far for the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile (which is only available for tours, not hot dog sales), we settled on the next best thing – Hot Dog and Sausage King. With a hot dog on the top, this was a really cute option and the owners promised to have the hot dogs precooked and ready so we wouldn’t have long lines. We also hired an ice cream truck to serve ice cream and shaved ice. Not exactly a camping staple but it is Austin in April so ice cream really helps keep things cool.

To the food trucks, we added lemonade, water, and chips which we purchased at Costco and had sitting out on a table for people to grab. In addition, we put together some really cute s’mores party favors to eat or take home.


Besides the children’s amazing artwork, we had to have a way to entertain 150 kids and parents for 2 hours so we planned a variety of activities for them to choose from.  We had karaoke which we labeled “Campfire Songs”.  We used outside blocks to build a stage and set up a microphone, some music, and gave the kids some blow up instruments to use. We also had a fishing booth where the kids could fish for prizes. We had a corn hole set and giant jenga for those who wanted to play games. And, we hired 2 face painters and 2 balloon tiers from Epic Entertainment. The kids and parents were thrilled and thanks to the creative decorations committee, we were able to tie all of these together with really cute signs, balloons, and other decor.


There are so many great camping ideas out there on Pinterest and other sites and our decorations committee absolutely outdid themselves creating an adorable setting for very little money. They bought a few teepees and blankets/tablecloths which the kids loved playing with. They also bought some campfire signs, created fishing poles and other signage out of things from their own homes and backyards, added some woodland animal balloons, and brought a few extra props from home to create a camping experience not to be forgotten.

So Go Camping

This theme turned out so well, it begs to be repeated. While we did have to spend some money buying props, decorations, etc. I am sure similar items could have been rented from a local rental company. In our situation, the items will be used for a Camping Day Camp this summer at the preschool so it made more sense to buy them but if you want to hold a camping party and are looking to rent, loanables is there to help find all of your rental needs at the best price.

So wait no longer, plan your Kids’ Camping Party today and send us pictures from your event. We would love to see them.

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