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3 Things Every Summer Event in Austin Should Have

As much as I love Austin, I hate the summer heat. My dream is to leave for the 3 hottest months every year (July, August and September). I’m a little worried this year because we don’t usually get over 100 degrees until July, but this year we got there in May. Since I’m here, I like to make the best of it by attending events or small get togethers.

Summer events are always fun because people don’t have as hectic of schedules and normally aren’t over-booked so they can linger and really enjoy themselves. If you are planning an event outside, you have to think about how to keep your guests cool.  If it’s not a pool party, you MUST have three things: water, shade, and fans.

1. Water

Of course you need plenty of water for people to drink so no one gets dehydrated, especially if everyone is drinking alcohol.  Use a dispenser and flavor the water with fruit. It’s more eye-catching and so much better for the environment than bottled waters. (80% of plastic water bottles end up in landfills. Read more about that here.)

And don’t forget the ice…

Check out these Pinterest ideas for freezing fruit.

2. Shade

You can get a tent in pretty much any size. The clear top tents look amazing, but do NOT get one of these in the summer – it gets way too hot.


Misting fans can cool external air temperatures up to 30 degrees (I find that hard to believe, but that is what the manufacturers say and surely they have to prove that, right?!?). The misting fans cost around $80 to rent. Note: these sell out very fast during the summer months so if you are having an event, email info@loanables.com to make your reservation. You will need to have a hose nearby to refill it about every 2 hours.

If you don’t want the misting fan, you could use regular fans to circulate the air. You can get simple box fans for as low as $4.  This larger “Heat Buster” fan cost $45 to rent:

Stay cool, and if you have any topics you want me to cover in future blogs, leave a comment.

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