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Still Austin Whiskey Co.

  \ We’re always looking for cool, local, Austin-y places to explore and lucky for all of us, there are a ton of places that meet these criteria. One of our current favorites is Still Austin Whiskey Co., a “grain-to-glass” distillery located in The Yard, a burgeoning South Austin development located just south of Ben White Blvd on St. Elmo Street.

About Still Austin Whiskey Co.

Still Austin Whiskey Co. is a grain-to-glass distillery which produces whiskey made 100% from scratch using local ingredients. Their whiskey is made by hand right here in Austin, Texas using ingredients provided by Texas farmers.

Founded by CEO Chris Seals and distillery co-founders Sal and Joanna Salinas, Andrew and Lisa Braunberg, and Cleveland and Carrol Seals, Still Austin Whiskey Co. mills, mashes, ferments, barrels, and bottles all of their spirits in-house at the distillery.

Still Austin Whiskey Co., through their partnership with Texas farmers, is able to use a wide variety of local grains (corn, wheat, and even rye can be grown here in Texas) and the warm Central Texas climate to facilitate the expansion and contraction of their barrels to make authentically crafted whiskeys. Unlike so many whiskey distilleries that buy whiskey already made and aged, Still Austin Whiskey Co.’s name says it all – they do it themselves right here in Austin!

The Texas inspired spirits are currently sold and served in Still Austin’s tasting room as well as at Twin Liquors, Spec’s, Total Wine & More, and several Independent Liquor Stores in Central Texas.

The Spirits

Still Austin has two goals in mind when crafting their whiskey: authentic and original. They are the first distillery in Austin since prohibition and, as such, control the quality and the flavor of their spirits at every step.

Because bourbon and other whiskeys take time to age, Still Austin started by releasing New Make Whiskeys which are taken straight from the still rather than aging in barrels. These whiskeys take advantage of the unique Texas grains and are never sweetened or artificially flavored. Flavors like Mother Pepper Whiskey provide a spicy mix of fresh chile sequin, smoked serrano, and ari amarillo peppers whereas Daydreamer Whiskey is a sweeter, cleaner spirit infused with a combination of Valencia, Tangelo and Bergamot citrus. Whatever your pleasure, these New Make Whiskeys can be enjoyed straight up or in a cocktail. For cocktail ideas, check out Still Austin Whiskey’s website. My personal favorite?… Becky with the Good Hair. Plus, I love the name!

Visiting The Distillery

Situated in The Yard, a new development that claims to celebrate community and culture in the heart of South Austin, the 9,600 square-foot distillery fits the description. The distillery is both industrial and intimate, providing a comfortable and authentic Austin feel.

Still Austin Whiskey Co. offers tours of the distillery on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at various times throughout the afternoon and early evening. These 30 minute tours allow visitors to get a look at the silos where the milling is done, the distillery, including the 42-foot column still made in Scotland by one of the most prestigious still makers in the world, and the barreling process.

After touring the Distillery, visitors can visit the tasting room where they have the opportunity to sample a flight of whiskey or other seasonal specialties. The goal of the tasting room bartenders is to get non-whiskey drinkers to give it a try. With a menu ranging from Frozen Whiskey Margaritas, a twist on a Texas standard, and Frozen Gin and Tonic, made with their recently launched Rye Gin, to some Still Austin originals like The Daydreamer, a citrus infused whiskey, there is something to please every cocktail lover’s tastebuds.

This month, Loanables is giving away a tour and tasting for 6. Check out Facebook or Instagram for details on how to enter.

And, if tours and tastings are more than you are looking for, why not stop in for a cocktail with local flare and to relax outside in the Whiskey Garden?

Event Space

Finally, if you are looking for a cool unique space for your next event, Still Austin Whiskey Co. may have the space for you!

Picture an open warehouse just south of Downtown Austin with ample parking opening up to a patio with tables and games. This space can accommodate up to 300 guests and is the perfect way to stay true to the local Austin vibe. You can see a tour here.

So, now that you know a little bit about Still Austin Whiskey Co. I hope it’s your next stop for a tour, tastings with friends, date night, or your next big event.

We would love to see pictures from your next visit…enjoy!



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