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Top 10 Austin Food Trucks

Austin is famous for many things: live music, the University of Texas and its longhorns, and food, specifically food trucks! You simply can’t live in Austin (or visit the city) without dining on food truck cuisine. Austin has more than 1000 trailers and more are popping up every day. While everyone has their personal favorites, here are some of ours:

1 – Jep’s Southern Roots

Located in Dipping Springs, this food truck was started by reality TV stars Jep and Jessica Robertson. The Duck Dynasty duo have focused the truck on Southern and Cajun comfort food with a modern twist. Jep, who often cooked with his family growing up, always wanted to open his own restaurant and he is getting his chance. The menu ranges from handheld meat pies (which include chorizo for a Texas flair) to classic dishes like jambalaya and po’boys.

2 – Kebabalicious

Located at West 3rd Street and Congress Avenue, Kebabalicious serves wraps made with chicken, lamb, beef, and falafel. The founders came up with the idea (and love of kebabs) while living in Europe and brought it back to the US along with recipes and spices and started the first Kebabalicious food truck in 2006. They now have a store front on East 7th along with a food truck and their downtown trailer.

3 – The Best Wurst

Located at 201 East 6th Street, the Best Wurst is the longest running food truck in Austin selling grilled sausage sandwiches since the early 90’s. They have sold over 1 million sandwiches and participated in more festivals than any other mobile food vendor in town. They also offer catering services for office parties, weddings, and other events.

4 – The Mighty Cone

Located at 1720 Barton Springs Rd, the Mighty Cone serves up chicken, shrimp, and avocados in tortilla cones making the perfect meal to go. The concept was created when Hudson’s on the Bend chef Jeff Blank was asked to create Austin style festival food for ACL festival in 2002. In March 2009, Jeff found a way to make the food available year round, through a food trailer!

5 – The Peached Tortilla

These traveling food trucks travel throughout Austin serving simple Southern Comfort food with an Asian flair for lunch, events, and festivals. Although they started as a food truck, The Peached Tortilla has expanded their offerings over the years to include a brick and mortar restaurant, a full service catering company, and a venue space (Peached Social House). They even have an Austin Airport location so if you are traveling, you can check them out there!

6 – Juana Taco

I find that when I am really hungry, I almost always “wanna taco” and I think most Texans are right there with me. Luckily, Austin has more than its fair share of taco options. One of our current favorites is Juana Taco. They offer fresh and authentic Mexican food from both their East Austin trailer and their traveling food truck.

7 – Coat & Thai

Named best Thai Food Trailer in Austin by Lazy Smurf’s Guide to Life, this authentic Thai restaurant resides in The Picnic on Barton Springs Road. With freshness and authenticity in mind, Owner/Chef Ninrat founded this trailer in 2010. Some personal favorites include the Chicken Pad Thai and the Crab Rang Goon.

8 – Holla Mode

Located in the Picnic on Barton Springs Road, Holla Mode sells the only Thai style ice cream in town. At Holla Mode, your ice cream is made to order by pouring liquid ingredients onto a cold, stainless steel surface, adding the “chopping” (think mix-in) of your choice and letting the mixture freeze into delicious ice cream right before your eyes. Toppings are added and voila, you have fresh ice cream made to your own personal taste.

9 – Bananarchy

Bananarchy uses bananas from socially responsible companies, coats them in a coating and rolls them in toppings to create truly amazing and unique desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth (banana lover that is). They then compost all their banana peels and recycle. This is a dessert you can feel good about and they have both a South Austin and a campus location to help you do that!

10 – Hey Cupcake

We just couldn’t leave this one out. Arriving on South Congress in 2007, Hey Cupcake was one of the first trailers to appear in Austin helping shape the Austin food truck scene. The shiny airstream with the revolving cupcake is now located at The Picnic on Barton Springs Road and beckons you to top off your Food Truck meal with a treat from its tasty selection of cupcakes.

We will continue to add new favorites as they pop up – we just can’t resist trying out Austin’s finest food truck cuisine! In the meantime, we would love to hear from you. What are your favorite Austin food trucks and/or food truck dishes?

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