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Electric Toro Leaf Blower with 150' of exten- cord

Electric Toro Leaf Blower with 150' of exten- cord rental Atlanta, GA

Rent it for

$15.00 / day
$50.00 / week


The Super Blower Vacuum offers the perfect balance of power and performance, delivering up to 230 mph air speed, enabling you to attack even the toughest lawn clean-up tasks. This rental is only including the blower unit, I am not including the shredding attachments because I do not want the blades to wear down, thus compromising the blower power. I am including 150' Heavy duty extension cord which the most important aspect of electric equipment. Cheap cords burn out the motor. The security deposit of $200 is higher because the extension cords are expensive to replace. Thanks

Security Deposit


Owned by Individual in 30214