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Ladder Golf rental Austin, TX
Avg. price:
$20.00 / day

Ladder Golf Rental


Ladder golf consists of 3 horizontal pipes that act as rungs in a ladder. The players then take 5 large paces away from the ladder in order to mark the “toss line.” The first player (as determined amongst themselves – coin flip, rock paper scissors, etc.) then tosses all three of their bolas (two golf balls connect with a short rope). The goal is to wrap your bola around the rungs of the ladder. The top rung is worth 3 points, the middle 2, and the bottom 1. Games are played to 21 points exactly. If a player goes over 21 or two contestants both reach 21 in the same round, they both revert back to their previous point totals and a new round is started.Ladder Golf width: 2.5ft. Length: 3.5ft. per ladder. We work with over 200 rental companies in Austin. Prices start at $20. Add to your cart to get a firm quote for your event.


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