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Compound miter saw, sliding

Compound miter saw, sliding rental Los Angeles, CA Compound miter saw, sliding rental Los Angeles, CA

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Delta Sidekick, frame and trim, sliding compound miter saw, 6-1/2" dia. blade. "While not a conventional sliding compound miter saw', the Delta Sidekick Frame and Trim San- (model 33-060), it does make the same type of cuts and has similar cutting capacities as other sliding miter saws. It's also about the same size and weight as the others (listed in article), making it a true bench top machine. While the Sidekick has the smallest blade of the lot (6'/2 in.), it offers the same crosscut capacity as the others (12 in. at 90 degrees), and about an inch more miter capacity at 45 degrees, due to a longer carriage. The small blade has a limited cutting depth (about 1 in. less than the other sliding saws; it won't cut anything much thicker than nominal 2-by stock). The Delta has several neat features, one is a large, easy-to-read miter scale with positive miter stops (including crown molding angles). Another is a slotted leg set that fits neatly over a pair of sawhorses. It's the only saw I tested that has a scale (in inches) and a built-in stop block on the fence. It has an articulated leaf-type blade guard: you squeeze the bail handle to lift the guard out of the way for easy visibility when aligning the blade to die stock. There's even a label on the base that shows illustrated instructions for cutting crown moldings."

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