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Carpet cleaner/shampooer Hoover Platinum MaxExtrct

Carpet cleaner/shampooer Hoover Platinum MaxExtrct rental Austin, TX

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$24.00 / day
$65.00 / week
$250.00 / month
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The holidays are coming, and so are your in-laws. You COULD rent one of those huge machines from HEB, but for less money and hassle, you can get your rugs cleaner with my newest household toy. It has separate compartments for clean water and shampoo, meaning that it's a snap to rinse with clear water (shampoo residue attracts dirt). It has absolutely amazing suction--much better than a Bissell--which means your carpets will dry fast, fast, fast. It is super easy to use, with lots of settings: wash+auto rinse, rinse only, spot clean, extract only. Attachments include a crevice tool and a powered brush for small spots. And it has cool blue lights! If that doesn't convince you, take a look at the inset picture. That's what's underneath your carpets... AFTER you vacuum. Your mileage may vary, of course, but this shampooer has done a pretty good job on pet stains, and I don't just mean the yellow ones. Rental price includes 16 oz of carpet shampoo, which should be enough for 1000 sf or so. If you think you'll need more, ask at time of rental. PLEASE don't even think about putting dish detergent, hair shampoo, or Clorox into my sweet new carpet cleaner... recommended product only, please! Just need a vaccum cleaner? Search this site for my Dyson. Discount if you want to rent both of them together!

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