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How It Works

The basics

  • Loaners post things for rent. They get to decide the terms of the rental, including price and security deposit.
  • Borrowers ask to borrow things from Loaners. A Loaner can approve or deny any individual request.
  • Loanables hides both parties' identies until they both agree to the transaction.
  • Loaners and Borrowers handle payment and delivery themselves. For payment, most members choose to use cash, check, PayPal or Square, which lets you accept credit card payments via your smartphone.
  • Loanables provides a rental agreement that protects both parties.


Why use Loanables?

  • Make money off the stuff that's gathering dust in your garage, closet, attic, or driveway.
  • Save money by borrowing things that you only need infrequently.
  • Help the environment by reusing instead of consuming.


What happens if a Borrower damages or loses an item?

When you post your item on Loanables, you can set a security deposit in case something happens to your item.  The Loaner gets to decide how much to hold as the deposit (or can choose not to require one at all).

Of course, we encourage Loaners and Borrowers to discuss any potential damage themselves before resorting to the security deposit.  Often they can work out an arrangement that is fair to both parties.  After all, we're all neighbors!


How do you protect my privacy?

We don't share your actual address or contact info with the other party until you've both agreed to a rental transaction. Instead, we anonymize your address so that the other user knows generally where you live. For example, 1234 Main Street would be shown as "The 1200 block of Main Street".


Is the process secure?

Yes!  We never ask for a borrower's credit card number or any other financial information on the Loanable website itself, and never store any of this information on our own servers. For transaction fees, we use a trusted 3rd party payment processor. Read our Security Guarantee to learn more.


Will it be a hassle to meet Borrowers to give them my items?

We think that's the best part!  Neighbors today are much less connected than we used to be.  Loaning stuff out to your neighbors gives you an opportunity to actually meet the people living in your community (and make a little cash at the same time).


How much should I charge for people to borrow my item?

We leave that completely up to you, but here is a pricing comparison list showing how much the rental stores usually charge for many items. We suggest charging much less than this, especially if it's an item that you weren't using anyway!  That way the whole community benefits from a lower-cost option to buying or renting.


Why should I use Loanables instead of a message board or Craigslist?

When you Loan or Borrow through Loanables, you benefit from our comprehensive and legally-binding loan agreement that protects both parties by laying out the rental terms and covering cases of loss, damage, or injury that might result from loaning something out.  We also allow users to provide ratings & reviews of each other, so that you can borrow and loan with greater confidence.


How much does it cost?

Loanables is completely free for borrowers. For owners, there is a simple 10% transaction fee on completed transactions (minimum of $1).


Wow, that is easy!  How do I get started?

If you have stuff that you want to loan out, just click on the Loan Stuff link at the top of your page.

If you are looking for stuff to borrow, just click on the Borrow Stuff link at the top of your page.


© 2006-2017 Curcio Ventures, Inc. All Rights Reserved