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Bodhran (traditional Irish drum) in New York

Bodhran (traditional Irish drum) in New York rental New York, NY

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The bodhrán is made of a goatskin stretched over a wooden frame. The word bodhrán is pronounced 'BOW-rawn', with the emphasis on the first syllable. It was used historically by the Irish forces as a battle drum. It provided a cadence for the pipers and warriors to keep to, as well as to announce the arrival of the army. It is the native drum of the Celts, with a musical history that predated Christianity. My one here was brought over from my family in Ireland (I myself am Irish). - 18 inches in diameter - comes with a 'tipper' or the wooden stick you use to hit the drum. (In this photo, the bodhran is hanging on the wall. The tipper is sitting on top of the bodhran) - this one was made by Waltons in Dublin, who are well-known and respected manufacturers of musical instruments. You can check out some info about the drum here: ...and you can find a few decent videos with tutorials too. I like this lady here: She provides decent lessons. Here she is, putting her bodhran through its paces: Deliberately setting the deposit a bit high because this was a gift and therefore has sentimental value (I want to be sure we get it back!) :-) We can do a handover either: - from my home, Astoria Queens, 5 minute walk from Broadway Station (N or Q line) OR - Penn station/Madison Square Garden area of Manhattan where I work. Google maps: Astoria:,-73.929853&sspn=0.006988,0.01193&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=23-27+31st+Rd,+Queens,+New+York+11106&ll=40.765396,-73.927131&spn=0.007525,0.013797&z=16 Penn Station area:,+New+York,+NY&sll=40.765677,-73.928066&sspn=0.007525,0.013797&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=340+7th+Ave,+New+York,+10001&z=16

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