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Dyson vacuum cleaner (HEPA allergy filter, extras)

Dyson vacuum cleaner (HEPA allergy filter, extras) rental Austin, TX

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$20.00 / day
$60.00 / week
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C'mon, students & young marrieds, you know your carpet is grotty, but do you know HOW grotty? Rent a Dyson and find out. Suck up years of dirt--it's so disgusting it's fun! This is the original bright-yellow Dyson vaccum, with all the attachments (for narrow places, curtains, etc.), extendable hose/handle, and a 17-foot power cord. Just roll it over your floor coverings* till the canister is nearly full. Take it to the trashcan, empty, and repeat. I guarantee you'll be astonished by how much it picks up. Have pets? You're REALLY going to be amazed. You could build a new cat or dog with the hair that will come out of your carpet. A word of caution: VERY strong suction. You can't use it on bathmat-sized rugs, and if you own a pricey oriental be sure to keep the business end of this baby away from the fringe. Like a brand-new M.B.A. on an important interview, its only fault is that it works TOO hard. :-) Before you rent a carpet shampooer, try the Dyson--you may not need to shampoo at all. (But if you do... rent mine! I'll give a discount if you want to rent both.) * There is a setting for bare floors, but I wouldn't use it on hardwoods.

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