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Logrite Fetching Arch

Logrite Fetching Arch rental Portland-Auburn, ME Logrite Fetching Arch rental Portland-Auburn, ME

Rent it for

$45.00 / day
$250.00 / week
$1,000.00 / month


The Fetching arch is logrite's most versatile log arch. It can lift 25" dia. log weighing 2000#. The arch itself weighs 206#, has a 54" base and with no attachments is 6'6" long. Attachments include: Tow ring, 4'x 2" receiver extension, 6' two person handle, Tow tongue and 3200# 2-speed winch. It has the turf tire upgrade so that it can be used to carry logs across a lawn, park or golf course with minimal impact. Ideal for clearing small lots, selective cutting, extracting trees out of the woods or difficult to reach areas that are inaccessible by a tractor. It can be pulled by a tow line, manual power or any vehicle that has a 2" ball. It can pick up loads with 25" tongs, cable winch & choker a chain, rope or ratchet strap. It can carry a 24', 1 ton log completely off the ground or drag a heavier or longer log. logging arch

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