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The Mary Tyler Moore Show: The Complete 6th Season

The Mary Tyler Moore Show: The Complete 6th Season rental Atlanta, GA

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Unlike Mary Richards, who is depressed because she is in a rut in the episode "Mary Moves Out," The Mary Tyler Moore Show was never better in its penultimate season. Four words: "Chuckles Bites the Dust." This brilliantly written black comedy, ranked No. 3 by TV Guide on its 2009 list of TV's Top 100 Episodes of All Time, is an Emmy-winning episode to die for. In it, Mary is appalled that her newsroom colleagues callously make jokes about the bizarre death of Chuckles the Clown (he was killed by a rogue elephant while dressed as a peanut in a circus parade). But this season is no one-episode wonder. With Rhoda and Phyllis gone, the core ensemble of Mary Tyler Moore, Ted Knight, and Betty White--Emmy-winners all this season--plus Gavin McLeod and Emmy nominees Ed Asner and Georgia Engel, really step up. Asner is particularly fine throughout, whether bravely attending his ex-wife's wedding, trying to convince Ted Baxter to give up his lucrative new job as a "quizmaster" to stay at WJM, or giving a no-good old flame her much-needed comeuppance. This season offers two dandy Mary and Lou episodes. In "Once I Had a Secret Love," Mary reveals a devastating secret about Lou that seriously threatens their friendship, and in "The Seminar," Mary and Lou visit Washington, D.C., where Mary fears time has passed Lou by when none of his former D.C. cronies initially contact him. Betty Ford has an amusing cameo. McLeod, one of the series' unsung heroes, has one of his best episodes with "Murray in Love," in which he is compelled to tell Mary that he is in love with her. Between Mary's new boyfriend (Ted Bessell from the groundbreaking That Girl) and Ted and Georgette's wedding (Georgette loves Ted, she sweetly tells Mary--"Somebody has to"), the writers continue to further explore and evolve these beloved characters. "Sometimes you really surprise me," Mary admiringly tells Lou in "Mary's Aunt," and so does The Mary Tyler Moore Show

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