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$5 A Day - DVD (2008) Christopher Walken, S. Stone

$5 A Day - DVD (2008) Christopher Walken, S. Stone rental Boston, MA-Manchester, NH

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In L.A., Flynn Parker loses his job as a health inspector when his time in prison comes to light, his girlfriend Maggie moves out because of his prevarications, and his ne'er-do-well father, Nat, summons him to Atlantic City with a tale of a malignant cancer. Flynn doesn't like Nat, a small-time hustler and the cause of Flynn's jail time, but Nat cajoles his son into a cross-country trip through family memories toward New Mexico where an experimental treatment awaits. The trip is not just about the past, but whether either can tell the truth - and then what to do with those truths. From time to time, Flynn calls Maggie to leave messages. And what about Flynn's mother? Christopher Walken Sharon Stone Amanda Peet Alessandro Nivola

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