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Washer Board Game

Washer Board Game rental Austin, TX

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Interesting version of pitching washers. Take these boards camping, to the beach, or just put it in your front yard and meet your neighbors! Comes with two boards and 2 sets of colored washers. Game is to 21 but don't go over or you'll have to subtract points for the round! 1, 3, 5 points in the hole. 1 point on the board, 2 points on the edge of the board, and 3 points leaning over a hole. Throw all three then your opponent throws. Scores cancel each other out on top. Scores in the hole are kept. Ex- Player A throws a 3 hole, a 3 leaner, and a 1 hole. Player B throws a 5 hole, and 2 on the top of the board. Player A scores 3 in the hole and 1 on top. Player B scores 5 in the hole and 0 on top( A's 3 leaner minus B's 2 on top equals 1 point for A on top). Much more complicated than washers or Baggo, but very interesting when trying to score exactly 21 on a final turn without going over.

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