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Fender Bassman 60 '01

Fender Bassman 60 '01 rental Austin, TX

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This 2001 Bassman® 60 amplifier delivers professional Fender quality and sound. 60-watts of power drive the 12-inch woofer and piezo horn for full-spectrum response. The tilt-back cabinet design of the Bassman 60 affords direct and clear listening useful on crowded stages or rehearsing at low volumes. A switchable LIMITER circuit prevents excessive distortion at peak volumes and the ENHANCE switch modifies the mid-frequency contour producing a “fatter” sound. Tune-up quietly between songs by pressing the MUTE switch. Connect the Bassman 60 to recording or sound-reinforcement consoles using the balanced XLR LINE-OUT jack for a superior signal-to-noise ratio. Bass guitars with active pre-amps are accommodated with an ACTIVE/PASSIVE INPUT switch. There is also semi-parametric equalization of the middle range. There are EFFECTS LOOP jacks on the Rear Panel as well. This is a nice amp for rehearsals, practicing, or small coffee-shop size gigs. The 12 inch loudspeaker and horn combo realy does make for a nice even response that allows for you to shape you tone to your specs.

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