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Fender Vibroverb Amplifier 1964 Custom Shop

Fender Vibroverb Amplifier 1964 Custom Shop rental Austin, TX

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$100.00 / day
$500.00 / week


Hello, for rent just in time for SXSW is my Fender Vibroverb amplifier. This is the special edition 1964 Fender Custom Shop edition based on the Stevie Ray Vaughan edition and designed by Cesar Diaz, Stevie's personal amp tech. Comes with a road case and upgraded NOS USA tubes. These amps are very rare and no longer made, have handwired point to point construction, and have the awesome 15'' Eminence speaker that gives it its legendary tone. Available for artist or venue rental by the day, week, or entirety of SXSW festival. Official description and specs: Due to the continued popularity of Stevie Ray Vaughan, in 2001 Fender began collaborating with Cesar Diaz to re-create the modified 1964 blackface Vibroverbs that were used by Vaughan throughout his career. The amp debuted in early 2003. Several modifications were made. A toggle switch mounted on the back of the amplifier chassis allows switching between tube (the original) and solid-state rectification; in the latter mode, output is boosted to 50 watts. A second toggle switch allows the player to disable the Normal channel and the Vibrato effect; the preamp gain is increased, and more distortion and sustain is available. This version of the amplifier has a fifteen-inch Eminence speaker and point-to-point wiring.[2] Tube complement: Power:............GT-6L6 GE (Two) Preamp:...........12AX7 (Two) Phase Inverter:...12AT7 Rectifier:........5U4 GB USA or GZ34 or Solid State Diode (switchable) Tremolo/Vibrato:..12AX7 Reverb Driver:....12AT7 Reverb Recovery:..12AX7 Circuit:.....AA763

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